About Us

Genesis of OhFab

Sharing a passion for textiles and travel, we (Aanchal & Akshita) wanted to explore remote villages where traditional hand weaving takes place.

Unlike in most parts of the world, India offers the art and luxury of wearing hand woven textiles. The idea that the garments we wear are made with love and care by exceptionally skilled artisans is absolutely enthralling.

What we found during their travels however, was a profession and an art form headed towards extinction. We wanted to find a way to participate in safeguarding this tradition and bringing it to the coming generations.

We were saddened to see that many weavers had moved to other professions. We also found it very difficult to find the designs and the quality of weaves that they found in our grandmothers’ sarees. Ohfab is an initiative to revive these very precious weaves that existed.

We work at the grassroots level with the weaving communities in various parts of India to enable them to carry forward their legacy and pride. We strive to uncover, reinvigorate and share India’s abundance of beauty with the global conscientious clientele. Our objective is to provide genuine, timeless, exclusive and rare pieces from highly skilled artisans to bring back the glory of India’s rich weaves. 

Aanchal Sagar Jain 

Holding a MSc in Management from a renowned French business school, Aanchal has been associated with fashion and luxury for 7 years; she has worked with Louis Vuitton and studied styling and art at The Academy of Art, San Francisco. After years abroad, her love for Indian woven textiles and discovering Indian heritage brought her back home. Armed with a discerning aesthetic sense and a preoccupation with quality, Aanchal creates a collection that is connoisseur’s delight.

Akshita Sagar 

Akshita Sagar obtained her Masters degree in Business Management from the prestigious University College of London. A passion for Indian art and culture, an eye for finesse and detail and the want to give back to society make her the perfect co founder of Ohfab / made her move back to India upon graduation.